A late 19th century Bessarabian rug

A late 19th century Bessarabian rug

Bessarabia, c. 1880

A brightly coloured late 19th century needlework carpet, the charcoal field with an 18th century French pattern of polychrome floral bouquets with acanthus and profuse foliage, the surround similarly decorated with a floral, leaf and vine border on a charcoal ground.

As in the case with a specific 'group' of Bessarabian rugs, the designs are based on European needlework rug and carpet designs from the 18th and early 19th century. This rug is from the group that utilised a charcoal coloured background and bright complimentary colours. They were produced in the area known as Bessarabia, under Ottoman rule, now known today as modern Bulgaria and Romania.

Height 200.00cm (78.74inches)
Width 200.00cm (78.74inches)

Ref No. 1086


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